Mum To Be Treatments

Pregnancy can be a magical experience but also very demanding with the body changing faster than any other time and many women can experience niggly pregnancy aches as well as other conditions such as SPD due to the expanding womb and changes in hormones Relaxin which can increase discomfort.

There are so many benefits to regularly enjoying massage throughout your pregnancy.

Relaxation – massage during pregnancy helps to stop the build up of tension, especially in the neck and shoulders. In the later stages of pregnancy tension in the lower back caused by the extra weight of the baby can be alleviated.

Uplifting and revitalising – massage increases the flow of endorphins and minimizes fatigue usually felt at the start and end of pregnancy.

Improves circulation – veins often become more apparent in pregnancy and there is a tendency to varicose veins.

Stimulation of lymphatic drainage – this is especially important during pregnancy because of an increased tendency to fluid retention in ankles and feet.

Relief of aches and pains – massage relieves aches and pains caused by distended ligaments and also the tendency to cramp.

Maintains skin suppleness and elasticity – helping to prevent stretch marks which often appear around the fifth month.

Induces a feeling of well-being – keeping you relaxed and in harmony, preparing you for the birth.

We use Neal’s Yard Organic Massage oil in our Pregnancy Therapies.  Our 100% organic, skin-nourishing massage oil is beautifully aromatic, infused with relaxing neroli, uplifting mandarin and sweet almond essential oils, as well as vitamin E-rich wheatgerm oil.

If you want to include a relaxing massage for your bump Neal’s Yard Mothers Balm is 100% organic and fragrance-free and can improve the appearance of stretch marks. With a blend of skin-nourishing oils and beeswax, it’s also helps increase skin’s firmness and elasticity.

£27.00  -  30 minutes

£37.00  -  60 minutes

£42.00  -  75 minutes

Purchase a course of 6 massages to enjoy throughout your pregnancy and pay for just 5.  Valid for 6 months.

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